Letter to the World III

The last in a series of three letters addressed to human beings all over the world
Letter to the world I
Letter to the world II

1. May 2006 (Labour Day)
We are calling for a revolution!

Dear Brothers, dear Sisters,

We are calling for a revolution. For the renewal of the r-evolution. For the continuation of the revolution. First and foremost for an inner revolution of course, for a revolution of love, but then also for a revolution in the external world, for a peaceful revolution of resistance to everything that is an obstacle to love.

Aren't we entitled to rid ourselves of governments, that do not work for the basic human interests and rights? Does not every democratic constitution contain the primary right to dispose of a government which deviates from these goals? Do they not contain the right to withdraw the government's legitimacy and to instate a new government, which will finally act for the benefit of all human beings?

And isn't it in the interest of the population, i.e. the totality of human beings, that military structures of any kind disappear from the face of this planet, and that funds which are currently used for the military be instead used for our blooming? Shouldn't these funds be used to finally tackle the most crude problems we face, such as starvation, the lack of clean drinking water, the education of all children, and basic health care for all humans? And isn't it in the interest of the population, that a new, fair monetary system would help renew our communal life? Shouldn't we get rid of any governments or private organisations which do not focus all their powers towards these aims?

We are calling for a revolution. For a peaceful revolution. For the joint resistance to everything, that is not helpful and useful to us as human community. We are calling for a passive boycott!

In doing so, we do not contradict our society and its order, but on the contrary, doesn't today's structure of society actually contradict everything that is just and fair?

Could an effective, common, ideally global boycott take the form of a refusal to pay any taxes? A refusal to pay, as long as taxes are wasted for senseless things such as military or wars or for servicing debt (i.e. serving capital)? At least, we could transfer the percentage that is used for these senseless things, for example 50%, into an account for the third world and give only the receipts to the tax authorities.

Is not every community, every commune, every state, the whole world, are we not all suffocating in debt, which strife and the servicing of capital are costing us? Aren't we bankrupt, although we have everything, land and life, our capacity for happiness, our capacity for work, and all the many things, which we produce?

Imagine, if one day the community would rise up, simply cast off its debts, simply write off its debts! Imagine, if it simply said: "We are free! We have our life, our land, our earth! We have our work and our capacity for happiness. We have all the many, many things, which we produce. We have everything we need. We are blooming. We are rich.”

Imagine! Who could do something about that? Who could fight against it? Who would fight against it? Simply get out the calculator, caluculate!

How simple everything becomes, when one looks with the eyes of a child.[1]

We are calling for a revolution of love. For a peaceful revolution, for a common resistance, for a passive boycott.

Aren't we entitled, even obliged, to free ourselves from governments which do not care about the wellbeing of the people? To free ourselves from public or private forces, which curtail human rights, which suppress and oppress them? And aren't governments, which corruptly take care of their own, governments, which do not work for justice relating to the financial system, for justice about the riches of the earth, for justice in the distribution of land and goods, aren't they governments which do not act in the best interest of the people?[2]

We are calling for a global, peaceful resistance!

Why should we pay taxes to finance wars which are started by the rich and powerful to further their own interests?

There is a fatal, fatalistic wrong belief, which we all fell for. Namely, that we cannot do anything. But that is not true. Individuals are more powerful than all other powers, as soon as they unite, join each other in common action. That is the power of love, the power of the new story, which we are all waiting for.

What we need is an inner revolution, an awakening of love, of compassion, of the spirit of community in every one. Again and again, that comes first. Only self-knowledge will bring this awakening. But this awakening ultimately leads to common action, which will change the world, it leads to a complete, external revolution, a rearranging of our whole live.

We have almost no glimpse of the wonder, of the wonder of love, which is possible for us humans, and which we could and will effect on our planet. We are waiting for it to bloom.

Samuel Widmer Nicolet

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[1] From the new and socialy critical novel Celias Garden by Paul Nicolet alias Samuel Widmer, which will be published in the autumn of 2006.

[2] More to the monetary system you can find in the diary of Samuel und Danièle Widmer Nicolet, Today a Daughter Was Born to Us, basic editions, 2005

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